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9 exciting features of the Shellbot SL60 LiDAR robotic vacuum cleaner and mop

9 exciting features of the Shellbot SL60 LiDAR robotic vacuum cleaner and mop

(Pocket-lint) - Over the past couple of years, robot vacuum cleaners have come to dominate the market, and it seems new robot vacuum cleaners are being released constantly. But when looking for a robot vacuum cleaner and mop, you must study its features carefully. Not only should the vacuum cleaner be powerful, but it should also be intelligent enough to avoid obstacles, operate on multiple schedules, and be extremely user-friendly. The newly-released Shellbot SL60 is one such robot vacuum cleaner.

The Shellbot SL60 is a newly-launched 2-in-1 robot vacuum and mop with powerful suction force, making it perfect for pet hair and carpeted homes. It uses 3D structured light obstacle avoidance technologies to ensure optimal precision, works for over 200 minutes at a stretch, and responds to voice commands from Alexa and Google Assistant. If you’re on the market for a robot vacuum cleaner, the Shellbot SL60 is certainly worth considering.

And now is the best time to get your hands on this robot vacuum cleaner. While Shellbot SL60 is originally priced at $639.99, it’s currently available at a massive discount for only $299.99. You can also claim a further $20 discount with our coupon code, bringing the total price down to $279.99. The deal is valid from 16 to 22 May, so we encourage you to grab it while you still can!

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Below, we highlight the 11 most exciting features of the Shellbot SL60 LiDAR robotic vacuum cleaner and mop.

Accurate obstacle avoidance with AI recognition

Obstacle avoidance is one of the most important features of modern robot vacuum cleaners. You can’t have the vacuum cleaner knocking against furniture, getting stuck in corners, or falling off ledges. The only way for the robot vacuum cleaner to work automatically, with minimal or no human intervention, is for it to work unobstructed. And you shouldn’t be expected to clear all the objects from the floor before cleaning either.

The Shellbot SL60 has incredibly powerful and intelligent AI recognition and obstacle avoidance capabilities. It uses an RGB monocular camera and 3dTOF to reconstruct the entire 3D environment and identify and avoid all obstacles on the path. Furthermore, the robot has been fed tens of thousands of real-world images, based on which it can recognize the most common home hazards, such as cups, pet bowls, and shoes.

The Shellbot SL60 also features advanced depth perception and drop-proof technology, based on which it can avoid falling downstairs or ledges. If you have a multi-floor home with numerous stairs and ledges, you don’t have anything to fear - the robot vacuum cleaner will steer clear of the hazardous drop points. Based on these technologies, SL60 can effectively avoid all the obstacles that trip up most other robot vacuum cleaners.

Powerful (and quiet) suction force

Everyone understands that a vacuum cleaner must have a powerful suction force. But it should also have the capacity to work without making excessive noise that would disturb the inhabitants of the house or agitate pets. Most vacuum cleaners offer one or the other. They offer a quiet operation at a low force that leaves the house dirty, or they offer a high suction force that’s loud enough to get on everyone’s nerves.

The Shellbot SL60 offers the ideal combination of power and quiet operation, complete with multiple suction levels - Quiet (800Pa), Standard (1600Pa), Turbo (3000Pa), and Max (4000Pa). At 4000Pa, this vacuum cleaner can effectively clear the hardest of debris and suction away the dirt trapped deep within carpet fibers. Furthermore, the streamlined design and dual noise reduction duct lower the operation sound to 58dB, which is barely a whisper.

Intelligent mapping and navigation with LiDAR

The Shellbot SL60 offers extremely intelligent mapping and navigation features with LiDAR technology. Thanks to LiDAR technology, it can map your entire home using intelligent laser scanning, following which it creates a smart map of the floor plan. It has a 4000/s sampling rate, which is more than most other vacuum cleaners on the market, and a maximum range of 8m. When these features are combined, the Shellbot SL60 can come up with the most efficient paths to clean the entire home according to your schedule.

Effective mopping with a large water tank

The Shellbot SL60 is a 2-in-1 vacuum cleaner and mop, so you don’t need to manually mop your entire home after the vacuuming is done. The device features a 0.07-gallon water tank with a total mopping area of 3111 square feet, based on which it can mop your entire home in one go. It also features three levels of water flow for different types of dirt and stains, so it can easily dislodge the toughest stains while mopping.

Clean extremely large homes in one go

The Shellbot SL60 has an extremely large 5200mAh battery, which can provide 200+ minutes of cleaning time. That’s enough to cover up to 2691 square feet of area. Even if you have a large home with multiple rooms, you can rest assured that the robot vacuum cleaner will clean the entire space in one go.

Remote zone cleaning features

The Shellbot SL60 only goes where you want it to go and when you want it to go. You can assign specific zones within your home to clean and establish virtual no-go zones that it must avoid. The vacuum cleaner also features innovative spot cleaning features, so you can create intelligent schedules for which zones it should clean and how. This robot vacuum cleaner offers better customization and automation than most other devices on the market.

User-friendly smartphone app controls

The Shellbot SL60 has an incredibly user-friendly smartphone app that can be controlled by most people without difficulty. The app allows you to customize the cleaning experience according to each household member’s unique wishes. You can create custom schedules for different zones, create a multi-floor mapping plan, and create customized cleaning areas. Thanks to the smartphone app, you can even control the vacuum cleaner when you’re not home.

Responds to voice commands with Alexa and Google

One of the most convenient ways to control the robot vacuum cleaner is through voice commands. The Shellbot SL60 is compatible with two of the most popular voice assistants - Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. As such, you can instruct the robot vacuum cleaner to start, stop, or change schedules based on voice commands. There’s no need to touch the device or flick out your smartphone.

Automatically return when the battery is low

One of the Shellbot SL60’s most innovative features is its ability to return to the charging base when the battery is low. When the battery starts running low, the Shellbot SL60 automatically returns to the charging base, recharges to 60 percent, and then resumes cleaning. As such, even if your home is too large for one cleaning session, you can rest assured that the robot vacuum cleaner will start cleaning exactly where it left off. You don’t need to charge it manually.

Based on the aforementioned features, the Shellbot SL60 is one of the most intelligent, powerful, and innovative robot vacuum cleaners on the market. It can offer a truly automatic experience, necessitating minimal or no human intervention. If you’re excited about getting your hands on this vacuum cleaner, you can now claim a discounted price of only $279.99 with the $20 coupon code. The deal ends on 22 May, so we encourage you to act quickly!

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