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The Shellbot SL60 - competitive carpet and floor-cleaning wizardry

The Shellbot SL60 - competitive carpet and floor-cleaning wizardry

The digital revolution is informing different aspects of our lives in transformative ways. We are engaging with AI technology on a daily basis, from our multi-hyphenate smart phones, to our uber-intelligent vehicles, and now our household appliances. The best of these innovations provides automated solutions to everyday activities that we'd prefer to avoid. So, while it's sometimes hard to muster enthusiasm for the task of cleaning, it's much easier to get excited about the Shellbot SL60, a robotic vacuum that offers a contactless superior cleaning service for home or office. The Shellbot SL60 makes loving cleaning easy, removing dust, debris, pet-hairs, spills, and other messes, from residential and commercial carpets and flooring, for a spotless, sterile, and scrubbed interior.

Since 2017, Shellbot Technologies, development home of the SL60, has been at the forefront of smart home inventions, securing its reputation as a leading market player in the booming global robotic vacuum cleaner industry. The Shellbot SL60 represents the culmination of great design, advanced AI functioning, and intuitive operation. Here's a rundown of some of the Shellbot's top features and how they can take your cleaning experience to next level convenience and capability.

Heavy-duty suction and smart surface-monitoring

The Shellbot's robust brushless motor, coupled with sweeping side-motion brushes, generates up to 4.000 Pa for high-powered suction. It has four adjustable power settings, including Quiet (800 Pa), Standard (1600 Pa), and Turbo (3000 Pa) mode. The cleaner's sensors detect the presence of more demanding surfaces, such as higher-pile carpet, and automatically shift the unit into top (4000 Pa) maximal suction mode. The SL60 also features a large dust tank that can accommodate up to 500 ml volume of debris before it requires emptying. The Shellbot has been applauded in reviews as providing minimal sound disruption in both its Quiet and Standard modes.


High hybrid Dry to Wet functionality

As an integrated vacuum and mop in one, the Shellbot Sl60 is charged with superior cleaning capabilities as compared to many other market options which are restricted by their vacuum-only operation. Capable of self-shifting between vacuum and mop modes during a cycle, the Shellbot is prepared to tackle any liquid messes or stains in its path. When running in mopping mode, the equipped cleaning pads are accompanied by a 0.07-gallon water tank, for extensive and efficient wet to dry cleaning.

AI aptitude - top of its class

The Shellbot SL60 appropriates artificial intelligence and deep learning to map out rooms, detect potentially intrusive objects, and plan a cleaning pattern. The unit's RBD monocular camera with depth perception has been trained on real-life images to interpret its 3D environment and identify and avoid all obstacles, known and unknown. Unlike other competitor models, with the SL60, there's no need to tidy up first, as the cleaner will successfully navigate around shoes, pet bowls, and other strewn or misplaced articles. Informed by advanced LiDAR technology, the Shellbot scans at a radius of up to 8 meters, and is multi-sensor empowered, to map and execute the most efficient and thorough cleaning path. Allow it to function autonomously, or access programming controls via the remote or the accompanying multilingual Shellbot app.

Long-life battery with pause and recharge

The Shellbot SL60 has the stamina to work for more than three hours before its 5,200mAH capacity battery requires recharging. A true advantage if you're wanting a set and forget approach to cleaning duties, where you simply turn the Shellbot on before leaving the premises. Mens Gear praised the Shellbot Sl60 for its intuitive battery restoration feature, by which it will navigate back to its charging dock when necessary, and resume cleaning duty once the battery level reaches 60%.

The Shellbot SL60 is the compact cleaning companion that takes the muscle out of arduous tasks, delivering increased leisure hours and spotless surrounds for you to enjoy them in. Facilitate a fuss-free cleaning experience that works in harmony with your home or commercial space, and its occupants. Connect with more great features of the Shellbot SL60, access customer testimonials, and product reviews, via the detailed product website, or explore the wide availability options through global online sales platforms

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