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Let a Robotic Cleaner Hep You With Your Pet's Hair Loss Season

Let a Robotic Cleaner Hep You With Your Pet's Hair Loss Season

Vacuuming is an integral part of any daily routine when pets are involved. Between fur, cat litter, and general messes, carpets can start to look dirty pretty quickly when living with pets, and that doesn't even begin to address day-to-day messes by people living in the home. When life is too busy to vacuum on a regular basis, the best thing you can do is automate it! With the Shellbot SL60 Robot Vacuum and Mop, you can rest assured that your floors will remain clean, even when you lack the time to do it yourself.

The Risks of Dander and Pet Hair

Dander and pet fur don't only impact people with allergies. If you have pets in your house, they shed dander and fur regularly throughout the day, even if they are routinely groomed. Dander may cause itchy eyes and a runny nose to people with allergies, but they may potentially be harmful to the respiratory system.

Pet dander refers to the dead flakes of skin shed by pets. While most commonly associated with cats and dogs, any furred animal can shed dander. The best way to keep dander buildup in carpet to a minimum is to vacuum regularly.

Introducing the Shellbot SL60 Robot Vacuum and Mop

If you have pets, the Shellbot SL60 Robot Vacuum and Mop is the perfect addition to your home. The AI-intelligent recognition utilizes RGB monocular camera and 3D ToF to accurately reconstruct the 3D environment to identify and avoid obstacles while cleaning your floor. Just set it, forget it, and let the Shellbot SL60 do all the work.

Shellbot SL60 Robot Vacuum and Mop Features

Still unsure if the Shellbot SL60 is right for your home? We understand that you have better things to do than keeping the floor clean. Check out these key features and let us handle the cleanup.


The Shellbot SL60 is powered with advanced AI that utilizes advanced LiDAR technology to scan an 8-meter radius. Combining those sensors and the SLAM algorithm, the SL60 can calculate the best path to clean your home, eliminating fur and dander throughout the entire house without crashing into obstacles.

The SL60 can be programmed through your phone and is compatible with Google Assistant and Alexa for complete control. You can schedule cleaning, customize the cleaning area, set up multi-floor mapping, and even set no-go zones to maintain complete control of your SL60 effortlessly.

Powerful Suction

With 4,000PA suction and four adjusted power levels, the SL60 can suck up all sorts of messes without getting caught up on rugs. Whether cleaning fur and dander, cat litter, or even kibble that got spilled, the SL60 is a valuable asset to any home with pets and children.


Messes hide where we can't reach them, but with an ultra-thin profile at just 3.7" tall, the SL60 is capable of getting beneath furniture to make sure that no mess is left behind.

200-minute Runtime

With up to a 200-minute runtime per charge, the SL60 is capable of cleaning a large room or floor before returning to charge.


Do you want to run your vacuum at night to avoid obstacles? The SL60 is built with quiet operation in mind. Leave the SL60 to handle the nighttime messes and wake up to a clean floor without any sleep disturbances.

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