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Let a Robot Cleaner Make Life with Shedding Pets Easier

Let a Robot Cleaner Make Life with Shedding Pets Easier

If you're a pet owner, then you're definitely no stranger to fur, litter, and bits of food consistently scattered around your home. A lint roller is probably your best friend, especially during peak shedding season and it can feel like an endless task cleaning day after day... it's exhausting. However, technology is a beautiful thing and with the introduction of robot vacuums, pet owners' lives just got a whole lot easier.

In this article, we'll discuss some key features to look out for when mulling over a purchase as well as discuss our favorite robot cleaner.

Let's get to it.

Key Features

Many robot cleaner models have emerged on the market over the last few years, but not all of them are high performing or worth their hefty price tag. Pet fur is stubborn and a weak device won't cut it. When picking out a robot vacuum for a home with pets, we'd suggest looking out for features like:

Suction Power

Suction power is measured in Pa which stands for Pascal Pressure Unit. For reference, a Roomba i7 measures at 1700Pa. The higher the number, the better the suction. With pet fur involved, we recommend finding the highest possible Pa value.

Charging & Battery Capabilities

Your device needs to have enough battery capacity to make a full sweep and still be able to self dock to recharge at the end. No one wants a vacuum that dies halfway through its route and then proceeds to just sit in a random spot in your home.

Navigation System

When it comes to navigation, some robot cleaners utilize cameras that scan the area. This ensures it won't take an accidental tumble down the stairs. Other models have sensors that sweep out in front like a tiny arm double-checking the space around them. In addition, some devices are programmable and can be scheduled to vacuum throughout the day.

Recommended Model

It's no easy task deciding on a favorite tech gadget, let alone a robot vacuum. However, Shellbot quickly rose above the rest of the competition with their ShellbotSL60 model. Not only is it a vacuum, but it also doubles as a mop.

Remember when we said the Roomba i7 had 1700Pa for suction...well, the ShellbotSL60 has 4000Pa. With that amount of suction, pet hair doesn't stand a chance. As for run time, this device boasts 200 minutes of battery life, which in the vast majority of homes is plenty of time to complete a full cleaning cycle and still make it back to the dock.

One of our very favorite features is the ability to program areas in your home via navigation settings where the ShellbotSL60 isn't allowed to go. In a home with pets, there's always the chance that your pet is scared of the device. With this feature, you can designate a room in your home as a "no zone" and allow your pet to hide out in that safe space as the rest of the home is being cleaned. Your pet will thank you.


If you're interested in the SL60, you can visit the company's website here or find it on Amazon here.

All in all, we hope this article pointed out some helpful things for you to consider when shopping for a robot vacuum for your home with pets. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out.

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