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Cleaning Smart: 6 Robot Vacuum Selection Tips

Cleaning Smart: 6 Robot Vacuum Selection Tips

Whether you live in an expansive mansion or a cramped apartment, a large part of living in health and comfort is keeping your home clean. If you strive to keep things spick and span at all times, you'll know that finding the time to clean up after yourself, your partner, your kids, and your pets can be a constant, time-consuming inconvenience.

Robot vacuums are an elegant solution to this problem, as they can take care of your minor day-to-day vacuuming needs, leaving you with quality time to spend on more important things. Picking out the right robot vacuum cleaners for your needs can be rather complex, so here's a quick look at the factors and features you need to consider when making your pick.

Floor Types

This should be your priority when choosing a vacuum. While cheaper units will handle surfaces such as hardwood, vinyl, tile, or laminate adequately, you will need something more suited to carpets, which will usually be a bit pricier. The best compromise here will be to get a robot vacuum that can handle both types of surfaces effectively, such as the Shellbot SL60 Robot Vacuum Cleaner.

Suction Strength

One of the most significant failure points associated with robot vacuums is a weak suction strength, which makes them useless when cleaning most types of carpets. The Shellbot SL60 has a suction force of 4000pa, which allows it to get the dirt and dust out of deep-pile carpets.

Intelligent Obstacle Recognition and Mapping

A decent modern robot vacuum will be able to incorporate AI recognition to recognize obstacles such as toys, pets, and furniture and smoothly avoid them. Units with Lidar navigation systems will be able to function in light and darkened rooms with similar efficiency.

Smart App Control Capabilities

Look for a vacuum that allows you to control its suction power, operation schedule, water distribution, area coverage, etc. For example, the latest models will even respond to voice instructions through Alexa.

Battery Life

Having to recharge your robot vacuum every hour rather defeats the purpose of having one, doesn't it? For maximum autonomy and convenience, you need a vacuum with a running time of at least 3 hours, which will be enough to accomplish your cleaning needs. In addition to a 200-minute running time, the Shellbot SL60 goes one step further, as it will zoom back to its charging station when it senses its juice is running low for a recharge before returning to its cleaning activities.

Functional Versatility

The average home or apartment will have different surface types that need cleaning. The most efficient solution for robot vacuum cleaners is to get your hands on a mop and vacuum combo, which will take care of both. The Shellbot provides multiple water level and suction strength settings to optimally tailor your settings to suit each room and area.

Final Thoughts

Robot vacuum cleaners technology has come a long way in a very short time, and there's no reason you shouldn't have the very best for your home. The Shellbot SL60 is at the cutting-edge of the industry, equipped with Lidar navigation, AI recognition, Smart control capabilities, and more. 

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